Team building and leadership development

With this program the student council comes to really know each other and also receives leadership tools for the year ahead. They dream and plan together on how to practically internalize the schools values. In our Platinum option we do amongst other things a scientific personality assessment of every participant.

How it works:

Each program is unique to every school. 

There are three options: Silver, Gold and Platinum


The duration of this program is 4 hours. It consists of activities on the sport grounds. The group will be divided in teams to play different “games”. These games are save activities that focus on the development and discovering of good values as leaders. After each activity the facilitators will facilitate a discussion reflecting on the values that came out in the previous activity and making it practical and relevant to leadership and the living of good values. This is a pleasurable day where the learners will have fun while practicing good values and developing leadership qualities. 


This program is 6 hours and consists of a number of activities that are focused on the development and self-discovering of good values in the group. On top of the development of values, the program also focuses on the development of the team. Members of the team will get to know their fellow learners and will know how to build on each other’s strengths. It is a day where the learners will have fun while practicing good values and developing leadership qualities. 


The duration of this program is 7 hours. At first we focus on the development of good values for the team. Then we do activities where the group gets to know each other better as leaders, on team building and on development good values. We also do a scientific personality assessment of every learner in the team and teach them how they can use their unique personalities to enhance the group dynamics in their team to benefit the school.  Lastly a “dream” or “goal” session helps the group to plan their year as leaders and we give them some practical advice to make their goal or dream a reality.

The Reviewing process

The Valutrix way of reflecting is a product of years of research and development. This method is unique and focuses on the self-discovering and development of all the participating learners. The Experiential learning method is well known and is used worldwide. Valutrix did, however, do further research to develop this method especially for self- discovery and development in solid values. The learners not only learn and (re)discover solid values and it becomes part of their life in a practical way.

The program:

Each value we use is covered through the use of interactive activities and is reflected on by Valutrix facilitators. 

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