Why choose ValUtrix as a partner ?

Our Team

In the more than 20 years mutual experience in development of children, we get excited when we see the dynamics when they are empowered to discover their own potential. Sometimes this happened in the most unexpected moments like a ballgame that suddenly transforms in a growing experience, or a team building event that ends in a life-changing experience. We place high value in molding programs to the needs of the participants, while we try to relate to their world. 
ValUtrix is a value driven organisation which focuses on the development and expansion of good values in schools. We use a new and fresh approach to leadership development, identifying, orientation programs and team building. The last couple of years, we have been working on the development of Experiential Learning and use ValUtrix methods to reflect on the experiences. Our primary focus is to facilitate learners and educators to rediscover old and new values and then practically apply them to their own lives. These programs can be used meaningfully in the development or identifying of leaders, the integration of grade 8 learners or with the grade groups that are problematic.

Our Approach

In time we realized that in the post-modern world someone standing in a boardroom in front of a group of people for hours on end trying to facilitate change, is a thing of the past. The post-modern board room is a place where people are exposed to various experiences that are accompanied by lots of laughter, fun, music, playing and people interacting while they change, plan or build new dreams. We use activities such as games and experiences as tools to review a much deeper question to be solved.  We discovered that when you wholeheartedly believe in the capabilities of others, with this tools you can help them to move beyond their perceived potential. Therefore we plan with our clients, to ensure our programs meet their requirements.

Our unique approach:

During our programs the learners are exposed to a variety of experiences. It involves lots of laughter, fun, joy, music and interaction with one another. It is a holistic approach involving learners’ emotions, creativity, body and mind, in a process during which learners learn through their experiences. We believe that leadership should not be measured to the standards of Hollywood as the norm, but rather based on good values. Therefore we have created a program that focuses on good values. We found that people with good values develop into the best leaders. That is why our programs focus primarily on making sure that everybody that participates, are exposed to experiences that will develop and anchor their values.

The values that we measure and develop include the following:










Some of our facilitators

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