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ValUtrix focuses on the development and expansion of good values in schools and learners. We use a new and fresh approach to leadership development, identifying, orientation programmes and team building. The last couple of years, we have been working on the development of Experiential Learning. Through Experiential Learning we have found that people develop and learn much faster through life experiences, greatly enhancing their personal growth. Our primary focus is to facilitate learners and educators to (re)discover values and then practically apply it to their own lives.  We do it by presenting meaningful activities and reflection. The outcomes of the program are unique in each group and help with the development of leaders, or the integrating of grade 8 learners or with problematic grade groups.

ValUtrix is part of the Bronze Baobab Group

We bring the program to your school.

We offer three options in all our programmes: Silver, Gold and Platinum.  The Silver program is a half day and the Golden program is a full day programme. In our Platinum options we add amongst others individual, scientific, computer based assessments of all the participants. All the programmes will be presented at your school or on the grounds where you camp. The advantage of having the programme at your school is that the whole group can participate and that it is cost effective.  Our equipment is mobile and all our activities are presented on the sport fields or in the school hall.  Our activities are guaranteed to be pleasurable and interactive. We can easily handle up to 250 learners simultaneously.

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